Radio Valencia with Margarita Azucar

Radio Valencia Podcast

Recently I was on Margarita’s show playing some music and letting people know about the new party Skin coming up this weekend. Check it!

Throwing Down at thePeople

Over the past couple of months I’ve been making little musical babies with some of the artist in my community. I’m taking this opportunity to show them to my fam at thePeople ;)


Soulgasm Warmup

Yeah.. yeah… I haven’t posted in a long time… sue me…

Anyways, after hanging out on the Big Island for a month I’m heading to Honolulu to DJ at Soulgasm.
I figured to warm things up I’d make a mix (yeah yeah… I know.. I haven’t made a mix in a long time..).


Two New

Two of my remixes just hit the stores! Rare that you’ll see two from me in the same week. You can follow the links on the soundclips below to get at them on Traxsource.



After listening to Headnodics album I found myself in his living room begging for remix rights to his track Zaya. He tossed me the parts and ┬áVOILA! Here’s a free download.


…and here are some photos I shot while I was hanging out at his record release.

New Year

So much happening so fast!
I spent the bulk of December in Hawaii chilling HARD, but ever since I got back I’ve been moving at light speed. One day after my feet touched the mainland this dude showed up at my house…

Rich Medina

… and then a day after that he rocked with me at thePeople New Year’s Eve Ball and it looked like…

… then the day after that I went back to work making video games.
I think I forgot to factor in the whole recovery/re-entry bit.

Puerto Rico

A little over a month ago I made my maiden voyage to Puerto Rico. I’ve finally gotten around to fishing through the pictures and footage to pull out a few tasty bits. It hurt my heart to realize I didn’t capture images from some of the awesome places I visited while I was out there, but getting robbed at gunpoint on the first day had me shook! The fear of getting robbed again and loosing my camera was a bit much for me.

All that being said I had a wonderful time in Puerto Rico. I am truly blessed to have been able to experience such beauty with such beautiful people. Here’s some footage of one my favorite memories from my trip; my time in Culebra.


What I do when I’m not DJing…

Most of the stuff in my blog is about photography and music. I figured it would be awesome to share one of my other passions.


When I’m not DJing and making beats I’m hard at work designing video games. I’ve been at the Lucas Arts studio (George Lucas’ spot, AKA Star Wars, etc.) as a video game designer for the past six years or so. I don’t really get to talk about it much because everything is always soooooo TOP SECRET. Fortunately my game got announced recently and the trailer and web document are all over the internet.

So!!!.. without further adeu… this is the game I’m working on (^_^)

new cam + new software =

I just got back from Puerto Rico this morning. I had high plans of blogging everyday while I was out there. Unfortunately getting robbed at gunpoint on the first day changed that gameplan quite a bit…. buuuuut that’s a whole ‘nother blog post.

What I DID do was edit the footage I shot in-between DJ sets at thePeople last month while I was on the plane!


thePeople feat Stephen Rigmaiden and Damian Diaztek from Cecil on Vimeo.

a tornado flew around my room the other day…

Once upon a time I heard this song and it got stuck in my head. I figured making a little dance floor edit of it would get it out of my system. I played this when I was down at WMC and promised myself I would tighten it up and post when I got back home.

… months later.

Here’s my take on Frank Ocean’s ‘Thinking Bout You’. Enjoy!