It seems only natural that my first post be a mix of songs that I’m playing out a lot right now. This mix is somewhat special since I haven’t released a mix in years. I’ll rest easier tonight knowing that the next time someone asks for a mix I can point them to my lovely blog.

1. Four Tet – Sing (Floating Points Remix)
2. Kay Suzuki – Music (Atjazz Remix)
3. Margaret Grace – Hope You Feel Better
4. Aaron Ross feat. Sterling Ensemble – Talia
5. BabyFace Jay feat. Elrae – Lunar Eyes
6. Malik Alston – Badeya (Ray Island Mix)
7. Kink – E79
8. Astrid Suryanto – Flexxx (Cecil’s Scrubdown)
9. DJ Le Roi feat. Donald Sheffey – Hooked On You (Rocco’s Deconstruction Mix)
10. Reggie Dokes – Until Tomorrow
11. DJ Cecil – Bosom (Original Mix)
12. Gregory Porter – Illusion