So! This has been a fabulous weekend!

I had a really rough week. Almost everything I hold dear had decided to turn itself upside down. I ended up hopping on the train and going back home to see my family, AND MAN! Was that what I needed.

There’s something about removing yourself from your everyday rat race to go and sit with your family. It reminded me of where I came from, why I am who I am, and where I’m trying to go. It humbled me and reminded me that it’s all a lot bigger than the drama I seem to be obsessing with.

Before I get too far I have to introduce you to my niece and nephew.
… this is my gangster niece Selah,….

… and this is my rough and sweet nephew Cush

I could go on and on about how amazing these two kids are, but you wouldn’t even get the picture. You have to meet them in person to really understand. One of them is BAAAAAD. Like,… “made me threaten to unleash unholy wrath on the buttocks” bad. The other one’s display of ridiculous love and happines had me stupefied. The combination of the two was so simple and beautiful that I couldn’t help but look at my life and all of it’s troubles and laugh.

The awesome left overs from it all are the ridiculous amount of pictures I took and the magnificent track I started for Ms. Valerie Troutt while I was on the train. The combination of her magical voice and the joy my family had unleashed on me resulted in one of my most happy-sappy remixes to date. Here’s a tiny clip!

After making beats on the train I checked out Benji B at my boys Hakobo and BeBrown’s party Ritmos Sin Fronteras @ Som and drenched myself in the sweat only a dancing frenzy can provide. I ended the weekend with a stupendous brunch with some fellow DJ kings and some Street Fighter. After several rounds of whoopin’ proper behind with the skinny man Dhalsim I put on Ice Cube and strutted around the house in my undies singing, “Today was a good day… oooooh aaaah… oooh oooh… ”

That’s it. I figured this blog I started is supposed to be about all the things I love… and … well…