Yesterday I joined thousands of people in a march from Downtown Oakland to the Oakland ports as part of the Occupy Oakland:General Strike. The goal was to shut down the 5th largest port in America to get the powers that be to pay attention, and that we did. It was truly awesome to be part of this event. I saw people of different ages, ethnicities, and walks come together to make a stand against the financial injustice being performed against the 99%. As we arrived at the port the sun was setting and I caught a few pictures.

I rode my bike back to downtown thinking that it was impossible for people to still be there, but was surprised to find a drum circle and hundreds of people. Here’s some video!

Despite what the media would have you believe this was a beautiful day. It warms my heart to see people put down their differences and stand together for something positive. It pains me to turn on the news and see them trying to twist what happened into anything less.