I woke up and crawled down to the 11th Street Diner to have brunch with my brother in arms Carlos Mena.They were serving up one of the newest loves in my life: HAMBURGER WITH FRIED EGG…. swooooon

I then went back to the room to digest and handle affairs back on the home front. After resting up I walked a good 20 blocks to go catch Ron Trent, and Marissa Guzman perform at Next Aids Ignite event. I was pleasantly greeted by the likes of Asya (Fusicology), Rich Medina, Daz-i-kue, and plenty of other beautiful and new faces.

I got a little carried away and ended up having to do a mad dash all the way back to my hotel to grab my gear and head over to my gig House You. I had the joy of playing on what I believe will be the next mixer I buy. It was fun playing and meeting the likes of Halex, Yas, and Rork for the first time.

After my set Carlos and his beautiful wife Desi swooped me up and we headed up to the Funkbox to say hello to Tony Touch and Master Kev who was in the middle of rocking a crowd. After shaking hands we headed over to the Vagabond for the Tribe/Deep party. It was a pretty crazy lineup including Jose Marquez, Rich Medina, Spinna, Yas, and other vicious dance floor killers. I have to say Zepherin Saint is winning my heart though. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing him twice now and he’s definitely one to keep an ear on.

We eventually bounced and went to eat. I then hobbled back to my hotel and PASSED OUT!