I woke up to “not so good” music blaring outside my window this time. Nothing like having pumpy music wake you up after 3 hours of sleep. Annoyed I decided I couldn’t take it anymore and walked a few blocks down to catch the early half of the Afflikted party at the Dorchester hotel. When I got there the homie Rigmaiden was laying down a nice set. I enjoyed a leisurely afternoon sipping caparinha’s, chatting with new friends, and listening to good music.

After a while I got extreamly hungry and decided to walk down to Espanola Way to find something to eat. I had promised myself that I would eat at a different spot, but I ended up back at Cevichery. This time I took a picture of the menu and have big plans of teaching myself to cook everything on it.

Rarely do I willingly admit defeat, but it was pretty much a wrap after I finished eating. I wobbled back to my room and took a serious nap. The most productive thing I accomplished during the day was to take a picture of the ceiling with Hipstagram

After drifting in and out of sleep for a few hours I decided to get up and check the book of faces. I was happy to find that some of the tracks from the United Music Sampler made it up on to Traxsource; one of them being my remix!

Check it out!!

After wasting more time in my room I realized that I needed to get my act together so I could make it over to DJ at the Atlantis party. The party was held at Jazzid which was one of my favorite spots throughout the trip. The party was held down by me, Carlos Mena, Daz, Ausar, Kemit, Rawsoul, and many others. I had a great time DJing to room full of beautiful and energetic people. I only wish someone had been there to capture the bit where Daz-i-kue and I were double manning the EQ and FX on one of my favorite tracks ‘La Baraka’. But alas, I was having too much fun and only got some pics of the front door and my man Ausar.

At about 4 o’ clock it was time for me to rush back to the hotel to finish packing and prep for my trip back home. I laid down for two seconds and passed out. Thank goodness God woke me up in time to catch my taxi. I made it to the airport with a little time to spare.

Now I’m sitting on my bed typing this with my cat Del’. As much as I want to go to sleep I have to keep it moving. My man Boddhi Satva followed me back from Miami and we’re about to throw down at thePeople tonight.

I’m calling it my last stand. LOL