Here’s a quick recap of my first day down at WMC2012

1) Remind me to not to take BART to the airport:
I completely underestimated the weight of my luggage and decided to walk to the BART station from my house.
DUMMMB. I then proceeded to have to transfer between 3 trains to get to San Francisco International. I barely made my flight.


2) Flying in too early to check in in Miami ain’t a bad thang!
I had the pleasure of standing on a beautiful beach watching a glorious sunrise while I waited to check into my room. #CECILISWINNING

3) I’m too fancy.
I’m starting to realize how uppity I’ve gotten over the years. I used to be down with staying in roach infested hole in the walls, but now I’m staying at places where people open doors and serve cute little breakfast in the morning. In any case, this is home base for the next few days  #SELFSPOILAGE

4) DJing at the Ocha rooftop party was amazing.
It was awesome to be reunited with the homies Carlos Mena, Nomumbah, TommyBones, Rich Medina, Spinna, Sabine, and meeting new friends like Arusar, Piranahead, N’Dinga Gaba…. well,…  you get the picture. I’d be sitting here listing names all day trying to get everyone. Had fun playing music in the sun with beautiful people.

I then spent the night running around the streets of Miami, bumping into legends. Finished of the night listening to Zepherin DESTROY the dance floor at Jazid.

not a bad start.