I woke up to loud music thumping outside my window. Seeing as I’m slowly becoming sleep deprived you’d think I’d be upset. Fortunately the DJ was playing good music. After playing three joints in a row I finally got up to look out the window. I was pleasantly surprised to find that one of the Shelter parties was happening on my patio! Around that time I got a call from Nina and Khi telling me to come pick up the remnants of our drinking battle from two nights prior since they had to catch a flight back home.

I snapped a few pics of Timmy and the dancers on my patio before I left.

I walked around Miami for a while eating, people watching, and doing other random things. Eventually I ended up at the Tambor party. Apparently that Zepherin Saint guy has a brother that throws a party in ATL named Stan Zeff,… and he’s a beast too!

I ran back to the room after that to cool off and rest a bit, and guess what? Timmy was STILL playing. I laid on the bed and listened to him finish his set. He ended with an INSANE tune. I wish I had gone downstairs to ask what it was.

Carlos came by to pick me up a little after that. I decided to be nice to my back and not bring my camera gear. Unfortunately that turned into me missing some great photo opportunities, BUT! I got to dance without a backpack smacking me in the back of the head.

We hit up David Harness’ Taboo party before heading over to Little Louie’s event. It was cool to see a party from my side of things reaping out in Miami. BIG PROPS.

MAN! When when we got to Little Louie’s thing we walked into Ron Trent smashing it in the front room, back room rammed packed listening to Anane, and Mr V. playing out back. I unfortunately missed Boddhi Satva’s set, but I can live with it since he’s following me back to Oakland to play at thePeople.

The place was full of people that have blessed my ears over the years ranging from Joe Claussell, to Nick Holder, on up to Zaki Ibrahim. I’d be typing forever if I had to list all the times I had geek out moments and embarrassed myself trying to meet people. I didn’t realize how much some of those voices and minds meant to me until I was shaking their hand.

Carlos finished off the front room while Louie played in the back. Not a bad way to end the night!
In bed by 6:55am