I started off the day making ocean inspired beats up in my room. After a day full of music and beauty I had a bunch of ideas floating around my head that I wanted to make sure I captured before I headed out. I messed up though! I forgot that my portable rig was portable. I could have been making beats on the beach!



Eventually I started getting calls from my homegirls Khiaecia and Nina, who flew in from the Bay, to come meet up with them so I headed out. We spent the day wandering around South Beach and stuffing our faces with peruvian food.


All in all it was a great day! Great people watching and things that only seem possible in Miami…

Liiiike…. pink police cars.

I mean… what would you say if you got pulled over by a cop in this?

Anyways, eventually we decided to get our acts together and actually go hear some music. Oddly enough we ended up back on the Clevelander rooftop to catch the tail end of Ian Friday’s set.

Now,… you’ll notice up to this point Khi’ has managed to ruin countless pictures by putting her hands in the way. It’s an ongoing battle I’ve had with her for ages. Buuuuut,… we went back to the room to freshen up and she decided to challenge me to a drinking contest.

She lost. I spent the next hour or so taking pictures of her looking stupid, but I have decided in the interest of maintaining our friendship I will not post them on the internet….

After that I, in full idiocy, decided I would leave my camera bag at the restaurant we ate at. I had headed over to Sobe’s to catch Ron Trent and Daz-i-kue at the Jazzanova party and had a conniption on the dance floor when I realized I was bag less. Lucky for me, a wonderful woman saved my life and held the bag for me until I came back trembling with fear. After the scare I decided that maybe I was having too much fun and needed to put my camera bag back in the room. So, I took one last pic of Daz.

Needless to say Ron and Daz killed it.