So, after totally failing on a post about how awesome the last People party was I’m going to try something new and attempt to create a blog post using nothing but my mobile devices. It’s hard for me to find the time to sit in front of the computer blogging so I have to improvise!

I decided recently to stop being the sucker on the side of the dance floor saying, “(sigh) I wish I could do that” when salsa comes on. Yes my friends, I have started taking salsa lessons whenever I can find the time. Sometimes from my friend Juan, other times from the teachers at Shattuck Down Lows salsa night. So last night after my attempt to listen to the entire Fania collection in a day (as if it would imbue my feet with salsa power) I went out dancing, and had another confirmation that it’s going to be a long and bumpy road.

A girl doesn’t know how to salsa,… Kinda cute, men eat it up.
A guy doesn’t know how to salsa,… means you can’t lead,… which means both you and your partner look like idiots.

On the positive side there were also some awesome dance performances and a delicious live salsa band. Unfortunately the battery on my camera died almost as soon as I whipped it out so I had to use the trusty iPhone.

I will do this!… minus the funny lookin’ outfit