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What I do when I’m not DJing…

Most of the stuff in my blog is about photography and music. I figured it would be awesome to share one of my other passions.


When I’m not DJing and making beats I’m hard at work designing video games. I’ve been at the Lucas Arts studio (George Lucas’ spot, AKA Star Wars, etc.) as a video game designer for the past six years or so. I don’t really get to talk about it much because everything is always soooooo TOP SECRET. Fortunately my game got announced recently and the trailer and web document are all over the internet.

So!!!.. without further adeu… this is the game I’m working on (^_^)

Bad Blogger

So, blogging is hard. I’m finding it amazingly difficult to sit myself down long enough to write or post anything. I always seem to get distracted by everything going on around me. I really wish I could construct some type of hovering droid to capture everything and selectively blog for me.

Since I’ve failed so horribly over the past couple weeks, I’ll try to distill everything down to a few sentences and show a few pictures I took while it was all happening. Unfortunately I’m also having a hard time remembering to pull out my camera whenever I see something that needs to be captured (Cecil jots down another requirement for his robotic assistant).

A)     Boddhi Satva came and threw down a set at Carlos Mena’s birthday celebration. It was plain stupid! We streamed it so you can listen

B)      DJ Spinna came through and lit the room on fire at thePeople party. In the excitement I failed to make sure that we recorded the set,… I also failed to take tons of action shots at the party. We then woke up early the next morning and ate breakfast together at Cockadoodle Café…. the French toast made my face explode with joy. I don’t even like french toast.

C)      Judging from the reactions I’ve gotten from a few of my readers, some have missed the memo,… I’m a video game designer. I work on making them, and I’ve been addicted to playing them ever since I was a small child.  Over the past couple of weeks I’ve leveled up my Dhalsim skills, and beaten Darksiders and Call of Duty 4. I am now working through Lost Planet 2 and trying to stop an addiction to Final Fantasy XIV before it starts.

Here’s a picture of my new girlfriend…

D)     A lot of other random things happened. Hung out with Simbad, built with some local artist, etc. etc…
Here are the few random pictures I took in my various wanderings.

Stay tuned for the next Love and Beats Podcast! Unless I continue to suck it’ll drop sometime this week!