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Radio Valencia with Margarita Azucar

Radio Valencia Podcast

Recently I was on Margarita’s show playing some music and letting people know about the new party Skin coming up this weekend. Check it!

Soulgasm Warmup

Yeah.. yeah… I haven’t posted in a long time… sue me…

Anyways, after hanging out on the Big Island for a month I’m heading to Honolulu to DJ at Soulgasm.
I figured to warm things up I’d make a mix (yeah yeah… I know.. I haven’t made a mix in a long time..).



Finally a mix!


1. Donaeo – When Angels Sing (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remix)
2. Zakes Bantwini – Wasting My TIme (Black Coffee Original Mix)
3. Ena Wadan – Forever
4. Kings of Tomorrow feat. April – Take Me Back (Atjazz Afrotech Remix)
5. RüBA KPØ – Kiss My Back (Simbad Motown Remix)
6. DJ Qness feat. Malehloka – Time
7. Andy Allo – Buy You a Drink
8. Kendrick Lamar feat. Javonte, Dom Kennedy, and Murs – She Needs Me
9. Stro – BTL ???
10. Cecilia Stalin – I Can’t Wait


Mood mixed by DJ Cecil

Yes…. a mix.
I was in a “Mood” when I made this one; feeling under the weather with clouds in the sky and no sun to be seen. I figured I’d try to make a mix to work it out.


  1. Fatima – Red Light
  2. DJ Cam feat. Chris James – Swim (Blackjoy Remix)
  3. Chris Turner & Phantom Lover – Flylove (Simbad Re-Edit)
  4. DJ Micks fest. Robin Latimore – First to Say Goodbye (Rocco Remix)
  5. Bnjmn – Blocks
  6. Magnetic Man feat John Legend – Getting Nowhere (Yoruba Soul Remix)
  7. MJ Cole – TGV
  8. Africa Hitech – Cyclic Sun
  9. Ghostpoet – Survive It (Koreless Remix)
  10. DNA – Definition (Uneaq Remix Instrumental)


Yes… yes… finally a mix. I had the honors of doing FLO Radio Vol. 67. It’s a nice and nasty dance mix for my dancer friends.

Run on over to and download that peezy!


INITIATION mixed by DJ Cecil

It seems only natural that my first post be a mix of songs that I’m playing out a lot right now. This mix is somewhat special since I haven’t released a mix in years. I’ll rest easier tonight knowing that the next time someone asks for a mix I can point them to my lovely blog.

1. Four Tet – Sing (Floating Points Remix)
2. Kay Suzuki – Music (Atjazz Remix)
3. Margaret Grace – Hope You Feel Better
4. Aaron Ross feat. Sterling Ensemble – Talia
5. BabyFace Jay feat. Elrae – Lunar Eyes
6. Malik Alston – Badeya (Ray Island Mix)
7. Kink – E79
8. Astrid Suryanto – Flexxx (Cecil’s Scrubdown)
9. DJ Le Roi feat. Donald Sheffey – Hooked On You (Rocco’s Deconstruction Mix)
10. Reggie Dokes – Until Tomorrow
11. DJ Cecil – Bosom (Original Mix)
12. Gregory Porter – Illusion