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I’m in Miami …..

Here’s a quick recap of my first day down at WMC2012

1) Remind me to not to take BART to the airport:
I completely underestimated the weight of my luggage and decided to walk to the BART station from my house.
DUMMMB. I then proceeded to have to transfer between 3 trains to get to San Francisco International. I barely made my flight.


2) Flying in too early to check in in Miami ain’t a bad thang!
I had the pleasure of standing on a beautiful beach watching a glorious sunrise while I waited to check into my room. #CECILISWINNING

3) I’m too fancy.
I’m starting to realize how uppity I’ve gotten over the years. I used to be down with staying in roach infested hole in the walls, but now I’m staying at places where people open doors and serve cute little breakfast in the morning. In any case, this is home base for the next few days  #SELFSPOILAGE

4) DJing at the Ocha rooftop party was amazing.
It was awesome to be reunited with the homies Carlos Mena, Nomumbah, TommyBones, Rich Medina, Spinna, Sabine, and meeting new friends like Arusar, Piranahead, N’Dinga Gaba…. well,…  you get the picture. I’d be sitting here listing names all day trying to get everyone. Had fun playing music in the sun with beautiful people.

I then spent the night running around the streets of Miami, bumping into legends. Finished of the night listening to Zepherin DESTROY the dance floor at Jazid.

not a bad start.



4 and moving forward

thePeople 4 year anniversary

thePeople 4 year anniversary

Wheeeewh,… can’t even believe it. 4 years of one of the best things that ever happened to me. Check out the dope flier that my girl cranked out…
Big love to my fam Cali, BeBrown, Amy, and HeyLove for holding down one of the dopest parties ever scene with me for 4 years strong.

Mark de Clive-Lowe and Sy Smith Kill thePeople

My man BLK PXLS just stitched together some moments from the last People party.


I can’t believe it’s already 2011. So much happened so fast! I feel like I’ve barely had enough time to process it all, much less take the time to write about it. Since I’ve continued on with my blog-fail I have decided to wrap up the 2010 by giving a few highlights from the past few months!

thePeople Turned 3!

This is big for me. It has truly been a blessing to be part of this movement. Much respect to Amy Nabong, BeBrown, Cali, and Heylove for keeping it fresh and helping make this party what it is today. I thank each and every person that has supported the event throughout the years and look forward to many more.


Over the past few months I’ve been blessed to work with a lot of talented artist. One of those artist is Ms. Maya Songbird. I remixed her song ‘Lust’ and she did me the pleasure of performing it at thePeople. Look forward to more music out of us in 2011!

Check the link below to get your free download!

Maya Songbird – Lust (Cecil’s Beatdown) by DJ Cecil

Tortured Soul

Yup.. strike that off of my list of things to do before I die. Opening for Tortured Soul in the town was some sort of amazing. I’ve been listening to these cats for YEARS. I can’t believe I got the chance to share a stage with them. When I wasn’t DJing I was running around like a little kid on speed trying to capture video.

Here’s a link to what I was able to salvage…

About the Music NYE

Big props to my man Eric Groove and Carlos Jackson for having a ridic house party on New Years! I had a blast DJing to a lovely crowd that night. I’m currently scowering Facebook in an effort to untag myself from any of the unruly photos of me and my homie Zacapa.

Here are a few images I took when I wasn’t preoccupied….

Bad Blogger

So, blogging is hard. I’m finding it amazingly difficult to sit myself down long enough to write or post anything. I always seem to get distracted by everything going on around me. I really wish I could construct some type of hovering droid to capture everything and selectively blog for me.

Since I’ve failed so horribly over the past couple weeks, I’ll try to distill everything down to a few sentences and show a few pictures I took while it was all happening. Unfortunately I’m also having a hard time remembering to pull out my camera whenever I see something that needs to be captured (Cecil jots down another requirement for his robotic assistant).

A)     Boddhi Satva came and threw down a set at Carlos Mena’s birthday celebration. It was plain stupid! We streamed it so you can listen

B)      DJ Spinna came through and lit the room on fire at thePeople party. In the excitement I failed to make sure that we recorded the set,… I also failed to take tons of action shots at the party. We then woke up early the next morning and ate breakfast together at Cockadoodle Café…. the French toast made my face explode with joy. I don’t even like french toast.

C)      Judging from the reactions I’ve gotten from a few of my readers, some have missed the memo,… I’m a video game designer. I work on making them, and I’ve been addicted to playing them ever since I was a small child.  Over the past couple of weeks I’ve leveled up my Dhalsim skills, and beaten Darksiders and Call of Duty 4. I am now working through Lost Planet 2 and trying to stop an addiction to Final Fantasy XIV before it starts.

Here’s a picture of my new girlfriend…

D)     A lot of other random things happened. Hung out with Simbad, built with some local artist, etc. etc…
Here are the few random pictures I took in my various wanderings.

Stay tuned for the next Love and Beats Podcast! Unless I continue to suck it’ll drop sometime this week!

AfterhoursAfterHours SF

Somewhere in the middle of a pleasantly chaotic Labor Day weekend I DJed at Jayvi’s after-hours spot in San Francisco. I hadn’t had a chance to come out in a while and was pleasantly greeted with all the splendors a late night in San Francisco can offer; red lights, a room filled with sweaty dancers, gender benders dressed to impress, and couples embracing to the rhythm on the dance floor. Luved it!

To my pleasant surprise Jayvi actually recorded the entire evening. The mix starts with Jayvi warming up the decks (from start to 1:35). I hop on about a hour and a half in and do my thing (1:35 – 3:30). Jayvi gets back on to close it, but the mix gets cut short when the cops show up. :) Enjoy

Jayvee’s AfterAfterHours SF LIVE with special guest Cecil

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

A Night With Rigmaiden

So last night the homie Stephen Rigmaiden joined Carlos and I at Yoruba Dance Sessions. Needless to say HE KILLED IT. I was going crazy trying to remember all of the cuts Stephen played that I swore I was going to dig up when I got home. Then I remembered we recorded the stream from the night. We recorded over three hours of beautiful tunes played by Carlos Mena, Rigmaiden, and I. Check it!


For those of you not in the know; Yoruba Dance Sessions is a party I throw every Thursday with Carlos Mena in downtown Oakland at a club called Bench and Bar. The spot has great sound and the people are good. I’m excited about all of the guest coming through this month, so be sure to mark your  calendar.

I mean…
look at this lineup!