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Puerto Rico

A little over a month ago I made my maiden voyage to Puerto Rico. I’ve finally gotten around to fishing through the pictures and footage to pull out a few tasty bits. It hurt my heart to realize I didn’t capture images from some of the awesome places I visited while I was out there, but getting robbed at gunpoint on the first day had me shook! The fear of getting robbed again and loosing my camera was a bit much for me.

All that being said I had a wonderful time in Puerto Rico. I am truly blessed to have been able to experience such beauty with such beautiful people. Here’s some footage of one my favorite memories from my trip; my time in Culebra.


Done (last day at WMC2012)

I woke up to “not so good” music blaring outside my window this time. Nothing like having pumpy music wake you up after 3 hours of sleep. Annoyed I decided I couldn’t take it anymore and walked a few blocks down to catch the early half of the Afflikted party at the Dorchester hotel. When I got there the homie Rigmaiden was laying down a nice set. I enjoyed a leisurely afternoon sipping caparinha’s, chatting with new friends, and listening to good music.

After a while I got extreamly hungry and decided to walk down to Espanola Way to find something to eat. I had promised myself that I would eat at a different spot, but I ended up back at Cevichery. This time I took a picture of the menu and have big plans of teaching myself to cook everything on it.

Rarely do I willingly admit defeat, but it was pretty much a wrap after I finished eating. I wobbled back to my room and took a serious nap. The most productive thing I accomplished during the day was to take a picture of the ceiling with Hipstagram

After drifting in and out of sleep for a few hours I decided to get up and check the book of faces. I was happy to find that some of the tracks from the United Music Sampler made it up on to Traxsource; one of them being my remix!

Check it out!!

After wasting more time in my room I realized that I needed to get my act together so I could make it over to DJ at the Atlantis party. The party was held at Jazzid which was one of my favorite spots throughout the trip. The party was held down by me, Carlos Mena, Daz, Ausar, Kemit, Rawsoul, and many others. I had a great time DJing to room full of beautiful and energetic people. I only wish someone had been there to capture the bit where Daz-i-kue and I were double manning the EQ and FX on one of my favorite tracks ‘La Baraka’. But alas, I was having too much fun and only got some pics of the front door and my man Ausar.

At about 4 o’ clock it was time for me to rush back to the hotel to finish packing and prep for my trip back home. I laid down for two seconds and passed out. Thank goodness God woke me up in time to catch my taxi. I made it to the airport with a little time to spare.

Now I’m sitting on my bed typing this with my cat Del’. As much as I want to go to sleep I have to keep it moving. My man Boddhi Satva followed me back from Miami and we’re about to throw down at thePeople tonight.

I’m calling it my last stand. LOL



Long Haul (day four WMC2012)

I woke up to loud music thumping outside my window. Seeing as I’m slowly becoming sleep deprived you’d think I’d be upset. Fortunately the DJ was playing good music. After playing three joints in a row I finally got up to look out the window. I was pleasantly surprised to find that one of the Shelter parties was happening on my patio! Around that time I got a call from Nina and Khi telling me to come pick up the remnants of our drinking battle from two nights prior since they had to catch a flight back home.

I snapped a few pics of Timmy and the dancers on my patio before I left.

I walked around Miami for a while eating, people watching, and doing other random things. Eventually I ended up at the Tambor party. Apparently that Zepherin Saint guy has a brother that throws a party in ATL named Stan Zeff,… and he’s a beast too!

I ran back to the room after that to cool off and rest a bit, and guess what? Timmy was STILL playing. I laid on the bed and listened to him finish his set. He ended with an INSANE tune. I wish I had gone downstairs to ask what it was.

Carlos came by to pick me up a little after that. I decided to be nice to my back and not bring my camera gear. Unfortunately that turned into me missing some great photo opportunities, BUT! I got to dance without a backpack smacking me in the back of the head.

We hit up David Harness’ Taboo party before heading over to Little Louie’s event. It was cool to see a party from my side of things reaping out in Miami. BIG PROPS.

MAN! When when we got to Little Louie’s thing we walked into Ron Trent smashing it in the front room, back room rammed packed listening to Anane, and Mr V. playing out back. I unfortunately missed Boddhi Satva’s set, but I can live with it since he’s following me back to Oakland to play at thePeople.

The place was full of people that have blessed my ears over the years ranging from Joe Claussell, to Nick Holder, on up to Zaki Ibrahim. I’d be typing forever if I had to list all the times I had geek out moments and embarrassed myself trying to meet people. I didn’t realize how much some of those voices and minds meant to me until I was shaking their hand.

Carlos finished off the front room while Louie played in the back. Not a bad way to end the night!
In bed by 6:55am


and it just don’t stop! (day 3 at WMC2012)

I woke up and crawled down to the 11th Street Diner to have brunch with my brother in arms Carlos Mena.They were serving up one of the newest loves in my life: HAMBURGER WITH FRIED EGG…. swooooon

I then went back to the room to digest and handle affairs back on the home front. After resting up I walked a good 20 blocks to go catch Ron Trent, and Marissa Guzman perform at Next Aids Ignite event. I was pleasantly greeted by the likes of Asya (Fusicology), Rich Medina, Daz-i-kue, and plenty of other beautiful and new faces.

I got a little carried away and ended up having to do a mad dash all the way back to my hotel to grab my gear and head over to my gig House You. I had the joy of playing on what I believe will be the next mixer I buy. It was fun playing and meeting the likes of Halex, Yas, and Rork for the first time.

After my set Carlos and his beautiful wife Desi swooped me up and we headed up to the Funkbox to say hello to Tony Touch and Master Kev who was in the middle of rocking a crowd. After shaking hands we headed over to the Vagabond for the Tribe/Deep party. It was a pretty crazy lineup including Jose Marquez, Rich Medina, Spinna, Yas, and other vicious dance floor killers. I have to say Zepherin Saint is winning my heart though. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing him twice now and he’s definitely one to keep an ear on.

We eventually bounced and went to eat. I then hobbled back to my hotel and PASSED OUT!

Shenanigans (day two at WMC2012)

I started off the day making ocean inspired beats up in my room. After a day full of music and beauty I had a bunch of ideas floating around my head that I wanted to make sure I captured before I headed out. I messed up though! I forgot that my portable rig was portable. I could have been making beats on the beach!



Eventually I started getting calls from my homegirls Khiaecia and Nina, who flew in from the Bay, to come meet up with them so I headed out. We spent the day wandering around South Beach and stuffing our faces with peruvian food.


All in all it was a great day! Great people watching and things that only seem possible in Miami…

Liiiike…. pink police cars.

I mean… what would you say if you got pulled over by a cop in this?

Anyways, eventually we decided to get our acts together and actually go hear some music. Oddly enough we ended up back on the Clevelander rooftop to catch the tail end of Ian Friday’s set.

Now,… you’ll notice up to this point Khi’ has managed to ruin countless pictures by putting her hands in the way. It’s an ongoing battle I’ve had with her for ages. Buuuuut,… we went back to the room to freshen up and she decided to challenge me to a drinking contest.

She lost. I spent the next hour or so taking pictures of her looking stupid, but I have decided in the interest of maintaining our friendship I will not post them on the internet….

After that I, in full idiocy, decided I would leave my camera bag at the restaurant we ate at. I had headed over to Sobe’s to catch Ron Trent and Daz-i-kue at the Jazzanova party and had a conniption on the dance floor when I realized I was bag less. Lucky for me, a wonderful woman saved my life and held the bag for me until I came back trembling with fear. After the scare I decided that maybe I was having too much fun and needed to put my camera bag back in the room. So, I took one last pic of Daz.

Needless to say Ron and Daz killed it.


I’m in Miami …..

Here’s a quick recap of my first day down at WMC2012

1) Remind me to not to take BART to the airport:
I completely underestimated the weight of my luggage and decided to walk to the BART station from my house.
DUMMMB. I then proceeded to have to transfer between 3 trains to get to San Francisco International. I barely made my flight.


2) Flying in too early to check in in Miami ain’t a bad thang!
I had the pleasure of standing on a beautiful beach watching a glorious sunrise while I waited to check into my room. #CECILISWINNING

3) I’m too fancy.
I’m starting to realize how uppity I’ve gotten over the years. I used to be down with staying in roach infested hole in the walls, but now I’m staying at places where people open doors and serve cute little breakfast in the morning. In any case, this is home base for the next few days  #SELFSPOILAGE

4) DJing at the Ocha rooftop party was amazing.
It was awesome to be reunited with the homies Carlos Mena, Nomumbah, TommyBones, Rich Medina, Spinna, Sabine, and meeting new friends like Arusar, Piranahead, N’Dinga Gaba…. well,…  you get the picture. I’d be sitting here listing names all day trying to get everyone. Had fun playing music in the sun with beautiful people.

I then spent the night running around the streets of Miami, bumping into legends. Finished of the night listening to Zepherin DESTROY the dance floor at Jazid.

not a bad start.